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    Schubert - L'Abeille  The Bee Op. 13 No. 9
    J.S. Bach - Violin Concerto in E major
    Rieding Concertino in B minor Op. 35
    J.S. Bach : Sonatas No. 4 - 6 for Violin and Piano
    Mendelssohn : Violin Concerto In E Minor Op.64
    Giga For Violin and Piano
    Giuseppe Tartini : Sonata in Sol Minore Op. 1 N. 10 Didone Abbandonata
    Gounod : Ave Maria
    Samuel Barber : Concerto For Violin And Orchestra Op.14
    Kreisler : Liebesfreud
    Kreisler: Rondino Thema Beethoven
    Grainger : Molly On The Shore

    For Violin and orchestra (piano reduction).


    Oskar Rieding’s Concerto in B minor, Op. 35 is a spirited and relatively simple work, using the first position only. This piece is part of Bosworth’s Easy Concertos and Concertinos series.


    As Court Music Director in Cöthen, Johann Sebastian Bach devoted himself primarily to...


    For the first time this celebrated concerto...


    by George Saint- George


    Edition Schott  ED 09674


    G. Schirmer's edition of scores of orchestral works and chamber music.


    Edition Schott BSS 29028


    Edition Schott BSS 30602


    Edition Schott BSS 31240