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    Flute And Bodhran Oil
    La Tromba Valve Oil T1
    Bore Oil HE450
    Champion Key Oil 30m Bottle
    Champion Bore Oil 30ml Bottle
    Champion Slide-Ezy 50ml Bottle
    Care Guitar Polish
    Instrument Care Essentials Kit
    Planet Waves XLR8 String Lubricant/Cleaner
    Planet Waves PWMPC Micro-Fiber Polish Cloth Planet Waves PWMPC Micro-Fiber Polish Cloth
    Planet Waves PWFBC Hydrate Fretboard Conditioner
    Planet Waves PWLMN Lemon Oil

    Premium bore oil for oiling wooden flutes and Bodhrans. 


    The La Tromba T1 Valve Oil is described by many as 'the ultimate all-round valve oil.


    Herco Bore Oil. Helps prevent cracking and warping of your instruments.


    Key Oil for Smooth Action on Woodwind Keys - 30ml


    Bore Oil to Prevent Cracking or Warping - 30ml


    Trombone slide lubricant - 50ml


    Kyser Care Wood Polish for Guitar & Other Stringed Instruments

    118.28ml bottle


    Includes: Detailer, Guitar Wax, Spray Cleaner and Fingerboard Conditioner


    D'Addario Planet Waves PW-XLR8-01 String Lubricant/Cleaner


    D'Addario Planet Waves PW-MPC Micro-Fiber Polish Cloth


    D'Addario Planet Waves PW-FBC Hydrate Fretboard Conditioner


    D'Addario Planet Waves PW-LMN Lemon Oil