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    Klipsch R-40M Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) Klipsch R-40M Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)
    €359.00 -€35.00 €324.00
    Monitor XT20 Bookshelf Speakers Monitor XT20 Bookshelf Speakers
    Bronze FX Rear Speakers
    GOLD FX Surround Speaker GOLD FX Surround Speaker
    Klipsch R-40M Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) Klipsch R-40M Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)
    €324.00 €359.00

    With updated materials and technologies , if you are looking for compact, sleek speakers with room filling sound, the R-40M's are the one for you.


    Monitor Audio's new Silver FX 7G Sleek and minimalist speakers are the perfect supporting act for your home cinema set-up. With updated drivers and crossover design, this latest instalment in the Silver Series is far better than anything that came before.

    Colours available: Gloss Black or...


    Note: Stands Not Included

    Compact and affordable, Monitor XT20 maximizes the enjoyment of music, gaming, and movies with lifelike, high-resolution sound and effortless bass


    The OPTICON LCR MK2 combines the best of all the OPTICON MK2 technologies in a low profile, wall mounted multi-purpose enclosure that can work wonders in left channel, right channel and centre channel roles.


    The Bronze FX has a beautiful new form and has been designed to immerse you in compelling surround sound. Monitor Audio's renowned driver technology ensures an unforgettable home cinema performance.


    The Monitor 100s are handsome speakers designed to be placed on a bookshelf or mounted on a stand. With their orange bass driver cones and black C-CAM tweeters, they delight both the eyes and the ears.

    €549.00 €625.00

    With a flat screen TV, you want speakers to match. Really flat. More importantly, you also want to fill the room with high definition 3D sound that’s every bit as involving as what’s on screen.


    The Gold FX has been designed to immerse the listener in a compelling surround sound experience. Monitor Audio’s premium driver technology ensures an unforgettable audio performance.


    Monitor Audio Radius 225 Centre Speaker


    For ultra-discreet sound all around the home, or partnered with tHe Radius 380 sub for explosive stereo, the original hi-fi mini monitor continues to evolve, incorporating a 4" C-CAM bass driver and 1" C-CAM tweeter.


    DALI FAZON MIKRO compact loudspeaker