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    R8a Atmos Speakers
    Sale -€100.00
    Alteo C-1

    Dolby Atmos brings soundtracks to life by surrounding the listener in moving audio that flows with a vivid three-dimensional realism. When you place our Atmos speaker module on top of one of our complementary Bronze speakers, you will experience a new world of audio.

    R8a Atmos Speakers
    Sale -€100.00
    €799.00 €899.00

    The R8a is a flexible solution for anybody wanting to bring an all-immersive movie experience to their home.


    The up- and down-firing ALTECO height speaker series completes your home cinema by adding that extra dimension to the sound. Usable as both a height speaker and a traditional stereo speaker. By designing a crossover for stereo use and  keeping a strict focus on DALI sound design principles, we have created a speaker that delivers believable...