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    Great Irish Songs and Ballads Vol 2
    110 Ireland's Best Session Tunes 1 with CD
    Irish Music for Guitar
    The Favourite Songs Of Ireland (Book&CD)
    Fingerstyle Guitar Tunings DADGAD  & Beyond
    DADGAD and DGDGCD Tunings
    The Irish DADGAD Guitar Book (CD Edition)
    Irish Traditional Guitar Accompaniment (CD Edition)
    Traditional Irish Guitar CD Edition

    Twenty more great Irish songs and ballads with piano arrangements, guitar chords and vocals.


    110 of the most popular and enduring session tunes in Ireland and around the world.J oin in wherever you go with this session-friendly collection of jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slides, airs and more. Suitable for all melody instruments. Available as Book only, Double CD Edition and Double CD only.


    Composed by Turlough O'carolan. Arranged by John Loesberg. Music Sales America. Folk British Isles. Book with CD. With guitar tablature. 56 pages.


    Twenty-four of the top songs, both traditional and modern, that Ireland loves to sing and play. Illustrated melody-line with full lyrics and chord symbols plus complete performances on CD.


    Fingerstyle Guitar Tunings: DADGAD & Beyond (Book/Audio Online) Open the door to a whole new guitar universe with this universal method for navigating the fretboard in all tunings


    This book is an extension and expansion of the previously released Mel Bay book, DADGAD Tuning.


    Learn to play in the popular Irish style of open tuning with The Irish DADGAD Guitar Book  by Sarah McQuaid.


    This essential guide to traditional Irish music accompaniment on guitar takes the player through many typical features such as alternative chords, rolls, key changing and bass runs. Gavin has performed with many of Ireland’s top traditional players and now shares his skills and experience in this indispensable book.