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    J.S. Bach : Six Cello Suites BWV 1007-1012
    Gabriel Fauré : Elégie Op 24/Sicilienne Op.78
    Bartok - An Evening In The Village & Slovak Peasant's Dance (Edito Musica Budapest)
    Team Strings Viola (Bk&CD)
    Suzuki Viola Part Volume 1 (Bk&CD)
    Solo Time Viola
    String Time Stickers (Viola)
    Practice Time Notebook
    Viola Time Scales
    More String Time Joggers Teacher's Book (Bk&CD)
    Viola Time Sprinters (Bk&CD)
    Viola Time Runners (Bk&CD)

    6 Suites for Solo Violincello

    Edition Peters EP 7489


    Edition Peters No. 7385


    Bela Bartok - An Evening At The Village / Slovak Peasant's Dance For Viola & Piano. Transcribed by Karoly Vaczi. Edition Music Budapest.


    The Team Series is suitable for use with both individuals or as a group tutor encouraging students to try ensemble playing from the very early stages. All of the books in the series are fully integrated allowing students using Team Strings to play in ensembles with students using Team Woodwind, Team Brass, Team Percussion and Team Recorder.


    Teach viola with the popular Suzuki Viola School. The Suzuki Method(R) of Talent Education is based on Shinichi Suzuki's view that every child is born with ability, and that people are the product of their environment.


    Featuring tailored arrangements and original pieces by the authors of the award-winning Fiddle Time series, Solo Time for Viola is a series of graded pieces ranging from intermediate to more advanced levels. The books provide concert repertoire in a variety of styles and introduces a range of techniques to the developing performer.


    These witty, instrument-specific stickers in packs of 6 sheets are great fun and a useful tool for teachers.


    This notebook accompanies OUP's many successful instrumental tutors and repertoire books for young players. It alternates plain and manuscript pages and can be used to record practice notes, and keep a record of pieces and scales learnt. It enables the teacher to demonstrate musical points, and the student to practice writing music.


    The revised edition of Viola Time Scales is brimming over with creative ideas and packed with imaginative and amusing cartoons to make learning scales and arpeggios easy.


    More String Time Joggers is an exciting collection from the authors of the award-winning Fiddle Time series. It provides enjoyable and inventive ensemble material for all string groups, in flexible scoring (for violin, viola, cello, and double bass with piano or CD accompaniment) from two parts to large string ensemble.


    Viola Time Sprinters is the third book in this hugely successful series, building on the firm technical and stylistic foundations of Joggers and Runners. You'll find pieces in first, second, and third position, as well as a range of bowing techniques, including spiccato, hooked bowing, and string crossing.


    Viola Time Runners is compatible with Fiddle Time Runners: all of the tunes (except the C string pieces) may be played together by viola and violin, either in unison, in unison with a few simple changes, or with the ensemble parts provided.