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    Lick Library: Learn To Play Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand

    Guitar ace Michael Casswell teaches you five of the hottest songs by three of the coolest bands around, providing a note-by-note guide to every riff.


    This superb DVD presentation will give the viewer an extensive insight into the art of snare drum technique.


    Learn latin rock licks in the style of Carlos Santana, whose blend of salsa, rock, blues and jazz fusion, made him one of the most acclaimed guitarists of our time! Also includes guitar jam track. Lessons by Stuart Bull


    The Quick Guide to Playing Doumbek offers a preliminary approach to learning to play doumbek, the most popular drum in the Middle East. The lessons are taught progressively, in that the viewer will learn proper tone and rhythmic combinations that are directly integrated into playing traditional Middle Eastern music.


    Learn to play the lead guitar parts for five of Muse's greatest songs


    On this groundbreaking docu-instructional DVD, Jack teams up with legendary guitarist Gary Moore and powerhouse drummer Gary Husband to revisit some of the classic Cream songs that he wrote and sang on.