Squier FSR Contemporary Stratocaster RMN, Daphne Blue


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Squier FSR Contemporary Stratocaster RMN, Daphne Blue


The Squier FSR Contemporary Stratocaster RMN dares to step outside the norm

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€ 469.00

 It features three Squier SQR alnico single-coil pickups that have been positioned in a unique configuration, with the middle pickup located near the bridge for a sparkling array of dynamic, responsive settings. Expect glistening clarity to carry every note, while your chords rocket with the bite and punch of a guitar god.

Send your sound into a whirlwind of mesmerising vibrato techniques. It's an effortless feat when you have a 2-point tremolo at your control. And you'll probably want some silky-smooth playability, too. That's where the sleek roasted maple neck and expertly sculpted heel come in handy. They allow you to fly across the 22 jumbo frets with ease, ensuring every performance is as comfortable and dreamy as the last.


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