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Piano Adventures Lesson Book Level 2B


The 2nd Edition Level 2B Lesson Book offers a systematic approach to scales, primary chords (I, IV, V7), and transposition for the keys of C, G, and F major. This new edition features nine new songs, plus enhanced arrangements of favorite pieces from the first edition.

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Piano Adventures is a piano method based on discovery, creativity, and adventure. Piano Adventures Level 2 is divided into Level 2A and Level 2B.

Level 2B looks at the family of C’s, cross-hand arpeggios, the sixth, C, G, and F scales, use of the damper pedal, the eighth rest, dotted quarter note, and the IV Chord.

The following features contribute to the success of the Piano Adventures method:
A step-by-step approach with constant review – the materials are organised into units which represent the major concepts and skills. As new units are introduced, earlier concepts and skills continue to be reinforced.
A wide range of styles in the musical material - this helps develop musicianship and encourages personal expression. Fanciful lyrics add enjoyment, while teacher duets provide rhythmic vitality and sonority.
A strong foundation in reading that builds successful musical performance of pitches and rhythms. As 5-finger positions are learned, students are sometimes directed to start on different fingers than those normally used for the pattern. This unique feature avoids equating a particular note with a certain finger.
A sense of adventure, brought about through creativity and discovery activities. An optional composing project is offered for each unit as well as frequent discovery questions. The discovery questions provide review and increase the student’s awareness of musical concepts.


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