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Play: Electric Bass Basics: The Ultimate Multimedia Instructor

€ 21.50

What do YOU want to PLAY today? The PLAY series has nailed down what today's musician really wants: lessons you can use anytime, anywhere. They're flat-out more convenient than private lessons, and just as valuable. The high-quality video of expert instructors will help players of all skill levels, from beginners and "weekend warriors" to advanced students and pros.

GuitarView Lesson Player:
Follow a virtual fretboard that syncs note for note to standard and TAB notation.
Interact with a customisable interface that displays note names, finger numbers, scale degrees and advanced techniques like slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, vibrato & more.
Adjust the tempo of digital audio files without changing the pitch.

Also has a guitar chord dictionary and guitar tuner.


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