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Hidersine WV400 SBF Violin


€ 899.00

Hidersine WV400SBF Violin

Hand-crafted by master luthiers in the Hidersine Reserve workshops, each of these instruments is truly unique. Although sharing a common specification, each Hidersine Reserve Violin is individually handmade and is therefore truly individual.

Using a selection of the finest, aged tonewoods and high quality fittings and accessories, they represent both superior quality and remarkable value.

Inspired by celebrated designs and patterns from the most respected and skilled master luthiers throughout history, Hidersine Reserve instruments feature a unique range of varnish styles and finishes.

We will usually have more than one example of each instrument, and if we do, you will see the'Compare' button in this listing. Upon clicking, you can choose the exact model that you would like to buy: the one with the grain that you find most striking. The one with the most pitted, antiqued finish. The one with the most fascinating flame on the scroll.


Undoubtedly the most recognisable and famous name in the world of violin making, Antoni Stradivari and the Stradivari family of stringed instrument builders crafted some of the most exceptional instruments ever produced.

Famous for their striking deep red varnish finishes and impeccably proportioned designs with elongated F holes, Stradivarius instruments are the inspiration behind Hidersine Reserve 'Stradivari' violins. Hand-crafted by master luthiers, they offer a stunning representation of the original models both visually and tonally.

With the violin's role gradually moving from the confines of private parties and chamber music quartets to larger concert halls by the early 18th Century, Stradivari perfected a longer, larger and flatter design that gave his violins the volume, expression and projection needed to perform beautifully in their new environment.

Hidersine Reserve 'Stradivari' violins remain affectionately close to the anatomy of the original instruments to produce a particularly natural and balanced tone that is highly resonant and perfect for orchestral players.

WV400 Reserve instruments feature premium, high-grade select tonewoods.

Quick Spec:

Solid Spruce Table, Solid Flamed Maple back and ribs, Carved Maple neck, Genuine Ebony fingerboard, Genuine Ebony pegs, Genuine Ebony chinrest, Aubert Maple Bridge, Genuine Ebony tailpiece with single E adjuster, Thomastik-Infeld Dominant strings.


Instrument TypeViolin
TableSolid Spruce
Back, Neck, RibsFlamed Maple
BridgeAubert Maple
Chin RestEbony
Peg TypeEbony
TunersSingle E
OutfitInstrument Only
StringsThomastik-Infeld Dominant


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