Wren Anglo Concertina Key C/G


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The NEW Wren Concertina

The NEW Wren Concertina

The NEW Wren Anglo Concertina     Key C/G In Stock

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€ 449.00

The Wren has been tried and tested by seasoned Irish concertina players, professionals and tutors, and with over 100 five star concertina reviews we are delighted it has now become one of the most popular beginner concertinas among traditional teachers and students.

Key Features of the New Wren:

  • 30-button Anglo Concertina in the key of C/G
  • 6.3" across the flats (16cm)
  • An enhanced, loud and crisp tone from the steel reeds
  • 8-fold All-Black bellows - easy to open and close
  • New buttons for durability and response
  • Wheatstone/Lachenal Layout
  • Fully Chromatic
  • Traditional size unlike other bulky beginner concertinas
  • Softer more comfortable adjustable hand-straps, suitable for both children and adults
  • Lightweight concertina making it easy to handle for all ages
  • Thanks to the quality craftsmanship, we will happily accept trade-ins when the player is ready to move up to a higher-grade concertina.
  • Finished with improved stylish gloss exposed-grain wood
  • Comes with a complimentary Concertina Padded Hard Case 


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