Michael Cronnolly Polymer Flute


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Michael Cronnolly Michael Cronnolly Flute

Michael Cronnolly Polymer Flute

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€ 340.00

This is a polymer flute by Michael & Evelyn Cronnolly.

Irish flutes are typically made from woods like African blackwood. But all woods eventually warp and crack. The polymers used by Cronnolly are almost indestructible under even extreme temperature and humidity conditions, and produce flutes which can last lifetimes with virtually no maintenance. In addition to exceptional durability, the inherent uniformity and dimensional stability of polymers mean that M and E flutes perform consistently and stay in tune under all playing conditions. Polymers are lower in cost and more easily machined than hardwoods, allowing our polymer flutes to be more reasonably priced.

M and E polymer flutes are especially well suited to beginners, students, and younger players. Durability, consistency, and the excellent sound and range of these flutes insure that the student's progress is not limited by an inferior "beginner" instrument. These features also eliminate the need to move up to more expensive flutes as the student's skills improve.


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