Wincent W19P Medium Rods


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Wincent W19P Medium Rods


Ideal for Heavier Players More Rebound and Brighter Sound High Quality Birch Rods Hand Selected Dowels Includes Wincent Rubber O-Ring

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€ 22.00

The Wincent 19P Rods are ideal for players of various different styles looking for the Wincent reliability and performance. They ensure a high quality end product by using environmentally friendly materials and a controlled manufacturing process. These birch rods have been handmade by skilled Swedish craftsmen, with each dowel being hand selected, cut and dried before assembly. The 19P series is designed to create more rebound and product a brighter sound with a more solid feel and increased durability.

High Quality Manufacturing

Wincent invented rubber o-rings in Rods in 1992. They continue to manufacture to the highest standards and use the best quality materials including environmentally friendly handles, which give great grip.

Perfectly Balanced

Every pair of Wincent drumsticks is weight matched within a tolerance of just 3 grams. They are also inspected for the straightness of the grain and a computer controlled manufacture process ensures equal pitch.

Easy Identification

The model number is printed on the end of every Wincent stick making them easy to identify when in your stick bag even in dimmer light conditions.


  • Length: 405 mm
  • Depth: 16 mm


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