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Pioneer XW-LF1

PIONEER XW-LF1 BLUTOOTH Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Pioneer Exclusive Near Field Communication Technology. Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery; NFC pairing.

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€ 99.99


Pioneer is pleased to present the XW-LF3, an easy-to-use portable Bluetooth® speaker system, with a classy, genuine leather finish and the XW-LF1 finished in a natural rubber material.
Both FreeMe devices are the natural extension of a smartphone or tablet. Which is why they feel right at home wherever they are used: in the kitchen while cooking or dining, in a desktop environment, somewhere on the move, or in the garden. The built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery plays approximately 7 hours before it needs to be recharged. And if needed, these devices can also be powered via the mains.
Bluetooth® made easy
While designing these new FreeMe speakers, Pioneer focused on the strength of Bluetooth® while making it even simpler. Adding NFC (Near Field Communication), allows compatible phones and tablets to be recognized instantly by the XW-LF3 and the XW-LF1 with a simple tap. Once a Bluetooth® connection is established, the Bluetooth® Auto Connect feature will automatically reconnect with the Bluetooth® device in the future. So as soon as a user approaches a FreeMe device, music is ready to be played without any hassle or delay.
Hands free calling
Both FreeMe devices allow users to answer incoming phone calls by simply pressing a button and thanks to the built-in microphone, even hands free calls are an option.
Equal sound dispersion
The smart and effective Wide Circle Sound 360° design allows listeners to sit wherever they please. That is because both the XW-LF3 and the XW-LF1 radiate their sound evenly in a 360° pattern. Two 40 mm full range drivers with neodymium magnets, aided by a passive radiator, make sure the sound quality is up to Pioneer’s standards.

Pioneer Wireless Streaming app
To make sure that it’s a pleasant and truly convenient experience to stream music over Bluetooth® to the FreeMe devices, Pioneer’s matching wireless streaming app is a big plus. This app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at no cost in the App Store. The app is also available in Google® Play for Android devices.
Look & Feel
The casual, elegant style of the FreeMe devices balance delicately between urban sophistication and postmodern chique and are very easy on the eye. Both fit easily in a small bag and the XW-LF3 is available in black or brown leather, while the XW-LF1 is finished in black, white or aqua blue rubber-coating finish.


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