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Monitor Audio MASS 10 5.1 Cinema Pack

Monitor Audio 5.1 Mass speaker pack with Sub.

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Monitor Audio MASS 5.1 home cinema speaker pack.

Monitor Audio Mass 50 is a design lead ultra compact 5.1 channel home cinema speaker system built to delivery clear and crisp details of the latest high definition Blu-Ray Movies. Mass 50 comprises of the Mass 10 front and rear channel speakers and Mass Centre and Mass Sub.

Delivering the explosive charge of the latest hi-def movie soundtracks is Monitor Audios diminutive MASS home cinema system.

Its sculpted space-efficient design, packed with technology and easy-installation features, offers jaw-dropping audio dynamics with décor-friendly styling, making the introduction of high quality home cinema sound into any living space a simpler and more satisfying experience.

MASS 50 is a beautiful, expertly conceived union of precision engineered acoustics and aesthetics.

Forty years of award-winning audio design has been focussed on refining the architecture of the two main system models: a compact satellite speaker and active subwoofer.

Both are ground-up designs, involving the specification of wholly new signal path components to redefine the performance possible from low-profile cabinets.

Computer simulation, exhaustive testing and in the final analysis, dedicated listening have created perfectly optimised audio products, bristling with Monitor Audios flagship technologies and tuned as one to reproduce the widest, cleanest spectrum of frequencies for truly compelling home cinema entertainment.

Monitor Audio Mass 5.1 AV Speaker System

Mass 10
224 x 128 x 128 mm
813/16 x 51/16 x 51/16 Inches

Mass Centre
128 x 228 x 128 mm
51/16 x 813/16 x 51/16 Inches

Mass Sub:
*C-CAM cone technology
*10” flat ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator)
*Tuned for tight, fast bass punch
*220watt class-D power amplifier
*DSP providing accurate filter characteristics
*Advanced limiters designed to ensure the W200 never loses control.
*3 x pre-set bass modes (Music, Movie, Impact)
*12V trigger input – ensures W200 switches on and off with other equipment.
*Heavy duty MDF construction
*Discreet black cloth finish.


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