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Monitor Audio MA100


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€ 420.00


Consists of an A100, Two Mass 10 speakers and a pair of 2.5m speaker cables. Available in Black or White

The A100 blends true audiophile sound quality with 21st century technology and style. It’s able to drive all but the largest of speakers by generating fifty watts of powerful Class A/B amplification per channel. Class A/B is a purely analogue amplifier design used in the best high-end audio amplifiers. Whichever source you choose, the A100 will render the sound with astonishing scale, detail and drama.

The breadth of analogue and digital input options available from the A100 provides virtually unlimited system compatibility. It can be used on its own, or as part of an audio/TV based system providing great sound for TV channels and games as well as legacy support for formats such as CD. If smaller speakers are used, add bass punch with a subwoofer connected to the A100’s line outputs.

After a simple set up onto your existing Wi-Fi network, you’ll be able to navigate the music collections on your Mac® or PC, iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®, and stream uncompressed audio to your speakers in any room. Experience Spotify™, Last.FM™ and YouTube, and use the A100 in multiples to deliver the widest choice of online favourites to any number of rooms within network range. Away from a Wi-Fi router, you can still play to the A100 from your iOS device using our Airstream Direct feature.

The A100 also supports DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) streaming, allowing any third party DLNA app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone to be used.

The compact two-way MASS 10 satellite speaker is a stylish construction of rigid polymer enveloped in a black cloth finish and crowned at either end with contrasting solid aluminium end caps. Its 1-inch C-CAM® tweeter has a new low-profile design conceived to maximise performance in reduced cabinet volumes. A 4-inch C-CAM mid-bass driver is tie-bolt fixed to the back of the cabinet for reduced colouration and the Hive® reflex port is rifled to optimise airflow and limit turbulence.

The MASS 10 satellite can be wall mounted using a single point fixing located on the rear panel which dovetails with an optional universal wall bracket for an easy secure and reliable solution. When wall mounting is not ideal a dedicated MASS floor-stand with integrated cable management offers a wonderfully stylish alternative.

*4” bass midrange driver featuring C-CAM® cone technology.
*Specially developed 1” C-CAM tweeter design featuring unique venting and rear loading chamber – low resonance design to provide clean pure sound.
*Damped polymer moulded cabinet with internal ribbing.
*The curved shape helps to eliminate un-wanted standing waves.
*Single point fixing (1/4” UNC) for universal wall bracket installation (not provided).
*Concealed discreet cable termination inside end cap using binding post type connection.
*Single bolt through driver and bracing system for increased overall bracing and rigidity.
*Single rear mounted port featuring HiVe® technology for clean powerful punchy bass.
*Black cloth finish with contrasting solid aluminium end caps.
*Optional floor-stand with internal (pre-wired) cable management system.


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