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Denon DBT-3313UD

Denon DBT-3313UD

Award Winning Home Cinema Choice Premium 3D Ready Universal Disc Player with Network Streaming.

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€ 799.00

Denon DBT-3313UD

Being the top of our range, this Universal Disc Transporter, playing Blu-ray, DVD, SA-CD, CD and network content shines with uncompromising quality and an incredible versatility. Bearing the unique Denon Link HD capability to maximally reduce jitter, it’s just the perfect match to go with one of our new AVRs as AVR-3313 and AVR4520 – but it will win your heart just as easily with any other companion you intend to couple it with. Apart from its multitalent regarding the discs it reads, it also supports online video streaming contents such as YouTube or Netflix. All will be presented in exceptional Sound and Picture Quality. It’s versatility and quality can be extended by the Dual HDMI outputs to separate audio and video, or to connect to two TV displays simultaneously. For ease of use the player can even be controlled via the Denon Remote App, when setup in combination with a Denon AV Receiver of the 2012/2013 line up.

Key Features
A Universal Blu-ray disc transport that also plays Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio formats
Denon Link HD for high class digital transmission
Dual HDMI output and Pure Direct mode
Network functions, to bring you a wealth of online content: Enjoy YouTube and Netflix VOD video distribution services without a PC / Enjoy music, photo, and video files stored on a network-connected device such as a PC or NAS.
Supports HDMI with 3D, Deep Color, “x.v.Color”, High-Bit-Rate Audio output and HDMI CEC control function
High-precision video encoder, and I/P Scalar for a cleaner picture and richer colours
USB port on the front
Quick play and quick response

Denon Technologies for superior sound and picture quality
Direct Mechanical Ground Construction, to suppress vibration and ensure high-quality HD sound and video
Independent Block Construction, for faithful playback of audio and video signals
Denon’s high picture quality circuitry, to visually enhance your sources
Fanless construction for silent operation

Ease of Use
Multi language GUI (9-language, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Russian)
Remote controller
Additional Remote control functionality by using the new “Denon Remote App” together with Denon new A/V Receiver such as AVR-3313

Remote In/Out connection
Eco Stand-by mode, lower power consumption

Denon DBT-3313UD Spec:


Compatibility: CD / SACD / DVD / DVD-A / Blu-ray Disc o / o / o / o / o

Audio / Video streaming from network o

Online contents service: YouTube Leanback / Netflix* o / o

Audio exclusive mode o

Quick Start Mode o

Video Scaling on HDMI: up to 1080P o

3D video support o

Compressed Audio Compatibility: WMA / MP3 o / o

Multichannel Surround:

Decoder: Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby TrueHD / DTS HD o / o / o

Decoder: DD / DTS / DTS96/24 / SACD o / o / o / o

DSD from SACD via HDMI o

Multi Channel Down Mix: DD / DTS / SA-CD o / o / o

Audio Video Enhancements:

CD Compatibility: CD / CD-R/RW / HDCD / SA-CD o / o / - / o

DVD Compatibility: DVD-V / DVD-A / DVD-R / DVD-RW (video) / DVD+R/RW o / o / o / o / o

AVCHD / DivX HD / DivX6 / DivX Ultra / DivX plus HD o / o / o / - / o

MP3 / WMA from: CD / DVD / USB o / o / o

Image Disc Compatibility: JPEG / JPEG HD / Picture CD o / - / -

Loader mechanism SVH

High Grade Audio Components o

Customised Components o

Multi layered construction o

Gold Plated Cinch o


True 24 Frames Per Second (FPS) o


DLNA Certified o (v1.5)

Network Audio: MP3 / WMA / AAC / FLAC / WAV o / o / o / o / o

Network static video (JPEG) o

Network Video: MPEG / DivX Plus HD / H.264 / WMV o / o / o / o

Online contents service: YouTube Leanback / Netflix* o / o


HDMI Out 2

Analogue Out: 2ch / 5.1ch / 7.1ch (Cinch) o / - / -

Digital Out: Coax/ Optical o / -

Denon Link HD o


Ethernet o

Flasher IN / OUT o / o

RS232 o


D/A convertion (audio) 192 kHz / 32-bit

Frequency response CD (linear PCM) 2 Hz to 20 kHz

Frequency response (SACD, DVD-A) 2 Hz - 40 kHz (SA-CD)

Signal to Noise Ratio 120 dB

Dynamic Range: CD / DVD 105 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.0020%


Available Colours: Black / Premium Silver o / o

Metal Front Panel o

Remote Control RC-1161

Power Supply AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption in W 28

Standby Consumption in W 0.3

Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in inches 434 x 295 x 115

Weight in LBS 6.9


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