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Marantz UD-7007

Marantz universal network 3D blu-ray and super audio disc player.

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Marantz UD7007:

Marantz UD7007 offers Marantzs legendry audio quality in an exceptional value for money Blu-Ray disc player. Whats more this attractive little unit is even 3D capable.

The UD7007 can give you this universality because it’s not only a Blu-ray and DVD player it is also DLNA 1.5-certified, and even provides access to Netflix video on demand and YouTube Leanback online services.

DLNA 1.5 certified ethernet port for BD-Live aswell as audio, video & photo streaming. The Ethernet port also gives you access to the latest firmwire updates from Marantz. Enjoy fabulous quality Blu-ray video and then stream audio (incl. FLAC) and video files (including DivX plus HD files) from your home network or Internet.

What’s more, you get direct YouTube Leanback and Netflix video on demand access with this player. The video streaming supports DivX plus HD and guarantees playback of DivX (.avi and .divx) and DivX Plus (.mkv).

Extremely solid construction. Firstly, the disc mechanism is centrally located and is fully shielded for fast and silent loading.Then there’s the solid cabinet, large foot, and fan-less construction to minimise vibration.

On top of that, the player’s four main subsystems (mechanism, main, power supply, display) are physically separated to minimise interference. It all adds up to an unbelievable opportunity.

The fast loading high-quality mechanism is shielded by an aluminium top panel and a steal chassis bottom. The cabinet is also very rigid and an additional bottom plate adds extra strength to eliminate vibration.

Also, the electronics are divided into five separate sections to minimise interference and maximise audio-video quality.

To ensure the best analogue stereo audio quality from CD and SACD, it includes the Marantz HDAM audio modules and uses specially customized components all on a dedicated audio board. It also offers you the choice of balance XLR or Cinch audio output.

In addition, the two HDMI 3D supporting output ports optimise flexibility in setup and in fine-tuning performance. But as with all Marantz players, musicality reigns supreme so you won’t be surprized when you find a “Pure Direct” mode, to ensure the best possible performance from CDs and even SACDs.

Marantz UD7007 at a glance:

*3D Capable Blu-Ray Player
*CD, DVD Audio & SACD Playback
*USB for BD-Live content playback aswell as audio, video & photos
*BD-Live & DLNA 1.5
*Supports DivX plus HD
*Extremely Solid Construction
*Marantz UD7007 Dimensions (WxHxD): TBC

Visit The Marantz Website For More Details

Marantz UD7007 Blueray player 

Compatibility: CD / SACD / DVD / DVD-A / Blu-Ray Disc o / o / o / o / o
BD-Live o
Internal memory for BD-Live (1Gb) o
Audio / Video streaming from network o
Audio exclusive mode o
Quick Start Mode o
Video Scaling on HDMI: up to 1080P o
Compressed Audio Compatibility: WMA / MP3 o / o
Multi Language OSD o

Multichannel Surround
DSD from SACD via HDMI o
Multi Channel Down Mix: DD / DTS / SA-CD o / o / o

Audio/Video Enhancements
CD Compatibility: CD / CD-R/RW / HDCD / SA-CD o / o / - / o
DVD Compatibility: DVD-V / DVD-A / DVD-R / DVD-RW (video) / DVD+R/RW o / o / o / o / o
AVCHD / DivX HD / DivX6 / DivX Ultra / DivX plus HD o / o / o / - / o
MP3 / WMA from: CD / DVD / USB o / o / o
Image Disc Compatibility: JPEG / JPEG HD / Picture CD o / - / o
Power Transformer: Toroidal / El - / o
High Grade Audio Components o
Gold Plated Cinch o
Deep Color support o
3D video support o
True 24 Frames Per Second (FPS) o

DLNA Certified o (v1.5)
UPnP Certified o
Network Audio: MP3 / WMA / AAC / FLAC / WAV o / o / o / o / o
Network static video (JPEG) o
Network Video: MPEG / DivX / H.264 / WMV o / o / o / o
Online contents service (YouTube) o
Netflix Video on Demand o

Analogue Out: 2ch / 5.1ch / 7.1ch (Cinch) o / - / -
Ethernet o
D.Bus o
XLR analogue out (L/R) o

D/A convertion (audio) 192 kHz / 32-bit
48kHz sampling 4 Hz to 22 kHz
96kHz sampling 4 Hz to 44 kHz
192kHz sampling 4 Hz to 88 kHz
Frequency response DVD (linear PCM) 48kHz: 4 Hz - 22 kHz
Frequency response CD (linear PCM) 4 Hz to 20 kHz
Frequency response (SACD, DVD-A) 2 Hz - 100 kHz (SA-CD)
Signal to Noise Ratio 120 dB
Dynamic Range: CD / DVD 105 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.0020%

Available colors: Gold / Silver / Black / Silver-Gold - / - / o / o
Remote Control RC006UD
Power Consumption in W 40
Standby Consumption in W 0.3
Detachable Power Cable o
Maximum Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm 440 x 108 x 308
Weight in kg 6.5


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