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Pioneer X-HM76

Pioneer X-HM76 Network Audio Receiver system with 2 x 50w output & 3.5”LED Screen

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€ 499.99

Pioneer X-HM76 Network Audio Receiver system with 2 x 50w output & 3.5"LED Screen

Pioneer & Onkyo Europe GmbH is pleased to announce the release of the X-HM76 network CD receiver system. As well as playback of your existing CD library, the system supports various streaming services allowing the enjoyment of new listening styles, coordinates with in your stylish living room with its slim design, and supports also high-resolution audio sources.

In recent years, along with the spread of network-based audio services, there has been an increasing demand to make use of high-resolution audio sources and network streaming services in audio systems that can be installed in a compact and lightweight form.

The X-HM76 Network CD Receiver System support an extensive range of network streaming services including TuneIn, Spotify®, TIDAL, and DEEZER . Furthermore, the systems support Google Cast and you can get variety of streaming services Google Cast supports. The 3.5” LCD can show album art along with a wide range of information to enable superior operation ability. The system also includes Wi-Fi functionality, and in addition AirPlay. The playback of high-resolution audio sources is also supported (FLAC/AIFF/WAV up to 192 kHz/24-bit) and Apple Lossless formats, DSD is supported up to 11.2 MHz.

The X-HM76 is equipped with a DAB/DAB+ tuner which is able to receive digital radio broadcasts and the speakers employ a glossy finish with a luxurious feel.

Main Features

Supports an extensive range of streaming services including TuneIn, Spotify®, TIDAL, DEEZER, Google Cast and AirPlay. Google Cast supports variety of music streaming service and you can cast the music to Google Cast compatible speakers. AirPlay allows music content saved on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, or on a Mac or PC running iTunes to be enjoyed wirelessly. In addition, radio stations from around the world can be accessed through Internet radio (TuneIn). Wireless multi-room audio will be supported with FireConnect.
Comfortable operation with legible color LCD and smartphone App.
Equipped with a 3.5-inch color LCD that offers excellent legibility. A wide range of information can be displayed, including song names and album art. Support for the new Pioneer Remote App, allowing the main unit to be controlled from iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android device. Operations such as volume adjustment, function switching and song selection can be carried out intuitively in the palm of your hand.
Support for various high-resolution audio formats.
Playback of high-resolution sound source formats including DSD*1 (up to 11.2 MHz) along with FLAC/AIFF (192 dkHz/24 bit) and Apple Lossless is supported. Original sounds can be faithfully reproduced at high-resolution, surpassing the quality offered by conventional audio CDs (44.1 kHz/16 bit).
High sound quality technologies to faithfully reproduce high-resolution sound sources.
In order to faithfully reproduce the extensive breadth of information contained in high-resolution sound sources, signal processing paths have undergone a repeated process of verification to produce the optimum circuit layout in an effort to thoroughly eliminate the effects of noise. With the Clean Ground Design that separates the grounding of the analog and digital circuits, the effects of high-frequency digital noise on the amplifier component is reduced. This not only produces an improved signal-to-noise feel but also expresses the flow and grace of sounds to faithfully reproduce the fine nuances in sound and sense of stage presence that only high-resolution sound sources can offer. To produce even more sophisticated sounds, with the X-HM86D and XC-HM86D repeated trial listening sessions were conducted using the major components that affect sound quality to ensure the careful selection of optimum components. The models also underwent a repeated process of thorough sound quality tuning performed by experienced engineers, refining the sounds that inherit the ideas of Pioneer’s Hi-Fi component systems. High-grade speakers to play sounds with a high sense of resolution.
The X-HM76 series is equipped with a large-diameter 120 mm woofer and 25 mm dome tweeter, to play back energetic bass and beautiful high tones. In addition, the X-HM76D speakers employ a glossy finish with a highly luxurious feel. The X-HM86D is equipped with a 130 mm fiberglass woofer to reproduce even crisper sounds with a rich sense of volume. In addition, the front baffle employs a gloss-coated finish to create an exquisite texture.
Wide array of functions.
Equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology. Music saved on compatible devices such as smartphone can be enjoyed wirelessly. Equipped with CD, USB, and FM tuner. USB supports connection with an HDD. The X-HM76D, X-HM86D and XC-HM86D are also equipped with a DAB/DAB+ tuner.

Network Audio Receiver System 50w x 2, Direct Energy Amplifier, Cd Player, 3.5"LCD Screen, Wifi Built In, Airplay, Google Cast, TIDAL, Deezer, Spotify Connect, Internet Radio (Tune-in), FM/AM Tuner, OnkoMusic Hi-Res Downloads, Bluetooth Auto Connect, USB Play and charge (Certified by Apple) 'Fire connect' Multi-room, Aluminium Front Panel, Available in Black or Silver

Audio Features

  • Class D Amplifier (Digital Amplifier)
  • Power Output: 50 W + 50 W (1 kHz, 10 % THD, 4 ohms)
  • Speakers with 120 mm Cone Woofer and 25 mm Soft Dome Tweeter
  • Audio Playback from HDD Devices via USB
  • FM (RDS) Tuner (40 Presets)
  • Sound Control (Bass/Treble)
  • Bass Enhancer (P.BASS)
  • CD-Audio, CD-R/-RW (MP3/WMA)
  • Music File Playback via Network/USB (DSD/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/Apple Lossless/MP3/WMA/AAC)
  •  Up to 192 kHz/24-bit Audio Playback (WAV/FLAC/AIFF) via USB/Wired Network
  •  Up to 11.2 MHz DSD Playback via USB/Wired Network

Network Features

  • FireConnect™ for Multi-room Audio*
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Apple AirPlay Certified
  • Spotify®, Tidal, and Deezer Music Streaming Services Ready
  • Internet Radio (TuneIn)
  • Works with Pioneer Remote App (iOS/Android)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology (ver. 4.1, profile: A2DP/ AVRCP, codec: SBC/AAC)
  • Bluetooth Auto Reconnect
  • Bluetooth Wakeup

Operating Features

  • 3.5” Colour LCD Display with Support for 9 Languages: English/ French/German/Dutch/Italian/Spanish/Russian/Swedish/Chinese
  • Auto Standby
  • Clock & Programme Timer x2 (Daily/Once Timer)


  • USB x2 (Front/Rear)
  • Phones Output (Front, 3.5 mm Mini Jack)
  • Speaker Terminal
  • Optical Digital Input
  • Line Input (RCA, Pair)
  • Subwoofer Pre-out
  • Ethernet
  • FM Tuner Antenna
  • Dual Band (5 GHz/2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi Antenna

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions (W x H x D) / Weight Main Unit: 290 x 98 x 333 mm / 3.5 kg
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) / Weight Speaker (Each): 148 x 263 x 213 mm / 3.3 kg


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