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Ruark Audio MR1

Ruark Audio MR1 Active Bluetooth Speakers

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€ 379.00

Ruark Audio MR1 Active Bluetooth Speakers

As speakers for computer systems they’re ideal, but they are also equally at home as speakers to dramatically improve the sound of flat panel TVs and as extension speakers for our own R2i/R4i models and other systems. Even alone they are capable of providing the basis of a complete music system (just connect a Turntable or CD player) and with Bluetooth and apt-X built-in, audio can be streamed and played wirelessly through MR1s with CD like sound.

The MR1s have been fashioned to compliment Ruark's award winning R-Series and are immediately recognisable as a Ruark design. The hand crafted cabinets with cool metal fittings and fine mesh grilles are highly tactile and finished in a choice of Rich Walnut, or Ruark's new Soft White and Soft Black lacquer finishes, their style and neat proportions will compliment all applications and locations.

Concerning sound, Ruark used the skills from previous loudspeakers, to miniaturise and squeeze the last drop of performance from the MR1s compact design. The end result is a system with a frequency response and dynamics usually only associated with much larger speakers.

In keeping with Ruark's philosophy, MR1 features a control system which is simple and easy to use. A short press of the volume control turns MR1 on and off and long press changes the audio input from line-in to Bluetooth or vice-versa. A multi coloured LED indicates the selected input and also indicates status, blinking rapidly when maximum volume has been reached and blinking intermittently when MR1 is in standby mode.

On the rear panel of the control unit are outputs for the left hand speaker and a subwoofer, so an active subwoofer can be connected if required. A switchable line-in input with attenuation switch allows numerous audio devices (including a Turntable or TV) to be connected and enjoyed with MR1s high fidelity sound.

MR1 features aptX® audio coding technology that partners with Bluetooth® so compatible devices can stream to MR1 with audio quality virtually indistinguishable from a wired connection. Many computers and handheld devices now come as standard with aptX® , but with or without, sound quality over Bluetooth with MR1 is impressive.

Quoted power outputs for modern electronic devices are often misleading. Like our other products, MR1 features a linear Class A-B stereo amplifier with a high capacity power supply. Linear amplifiers are used in the world’s best audio equipment and in our opinion still offer far better sound quality than new style digital amplifiers which sound forced and artificial in comparison.

MR1 utilises two new drive units, developed specifically to give high performance sound from MR1s compact dimensions. Using the latest design software, great care has been taken on the woofer and tweeter construction to ensure distortion causing reflections are kept to a minimum. Both units also feature rare earth neodymium magnet systems. This type of magnet material is expensive compared to conventional ferrite systems, but allows greater magnetic concentration, for better driver control, in a lightweight and fully shielded system.

A simple remote control enables all MR1 functions to be set and operated from the comfort of a chair or bed. MR1 also has as auto-standby built in and will automatically enter sleep mode after a period if no signal is detected. This feature is particularly useful when using MR1 with TVs, as they will automatically reactivate or sleep as and when the TV is turned on or off.

Ruark Audio MR1 Active Bluetooth Speakers

-Superb stereo sound
-Hand crafted bass reflex tuned and damped enclosures
-Ruark Audio long throw 75mm woofer with powerful neodymium magnet system
-Ruark Audio 20mm treated textile dome tweeter with neodymium magnet system
-Built in Bluetooth with apt-X for CD quality sound with compatible devices
-Linear Class A-B Amplifier, 20 watts nominal output
-Audio grade components throughout
-Compact remote control included

-Subwoofer output
-Line-in audio input with switchable attenuation
-Auto Standby function
-Multi coloured LED shows status and function
-Loudness function for improved sound at low levels
-Available finishes: Rich Walnut veneer, Soft White and Soft Black lacquers
-Dimensions: H170 × W130 × D135mm each
-Weight: 3 Kg pair
Choice Of Finishes Available Rich Walnut, Soft Black & Soft White


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