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Musical Fidelity Merlin 1 L/S

Merlin 1 L/S Hi-tech loudspeaker system ideal for desktop/computer audio

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€ 422.02

Merlin 1 L/S Hi-tech loudspeaker system ideal for desktop/computer audio

The unique Merlin 1 speakers.

The system’s design is both beautiful and contemporary. The loudspeakers have a subtle elliptical shape with very fine finish in a choice of red, black or silver.

The system has been designed to Musical Fidelity’s bespoke specifications and features the highest-grade components, many found in the company’s more expensive audiophile products.

The Merlin 1 system will also debut some unique Musical Fidelity technologies and features. Not only does the Merlin look great it also sounds simply stunning.

Peak power into the Merlin loudspeakers is a comfortable 50 watts per channel, allowing the system to replay music with high resolution, fast dynamics and accurate transients.

Alternatively, it allows for the addition of a subwoofer or the connection to active loudspeakers - either digital or analog.

The Merlin Loudspeakers also include a new Musical Fidelity innovation via the company’s exclusive diffraction multiplier system that allows the relatively compact speakers to offer a huge but accurate stereo soundstage.

Rather than the normal flat front baffle, the Merlin 1, calls on Musical Fidelity’s years of experience of designing high-quality dipole speakers, and features a multi-stepped baffle which combines with a single wide-dispersion BMR® driver in each speaker to offer near-field flat frequency response, low distortion and a real hi-fi sound quality.

The impression is of a far larger system, with the sound seeming to be omnidirectional, giving a feeling of space and air whilst still giving a very wide but very focused image.

Merlin 1 L/S Hi-tech loudspeaker system ideal for desktop/computer audio 

Power Handling 15-75W
Enclosure Type – One Way Reflex
Impedance – 4 Ohms


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