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Monitor Audio GOLD 300 5G Floor Standing Speakers

The statuesque Gold 300 is the flagship of the range and features a pair of powerful long-throw 8” RDT II bass drivers in each cabinet

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€ 5,299.00

With low frequencies being accurately delivered (down to a seismic 30 Hz, and high frequencies reaching beyond 50 kHz) this is a truly wide-band speaker designed for every possible listening requirement - each nuance and detail in a recording is delivered with sublime accuracy.

The Gold 300 is recommended for larger rooms and requires at least 30 cm between the speaker and wall to allow the system to breathe and perform optimally.

Key Features

  • Flagship tower/ floorstanding speaker system of the range
  • Three-way, four-driver configuration – allows drivers to be optimised to deliver higher efficiency and lower distortion from a larger cabinet• MPD high frequency transducer – articulate, extended high frequencies, yet supremely smooth
  • Specially developed 64 mm mid-range driver with die-cast metal chassis houses a powerful rare earth magnet system with 35 mm voice coil and very low mass, dished C-CAM cone. Close coupling to the MPD delivers point source levels of accuracy
  • Dual 8” bespoke bass drivers, featuring;   – Powerful motor assembly with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) optimised pole and large 75 mm voice coil   – RDT II Cone technology – specially developed Sandwich cone technology using thin C-CAM, Nomex honeycomb core and woven carbon fibre back skin to return incredible stiffness, yet light and well damped   – Die-cast metal driver chassis design – Ultimate rigidity and damping of resonance
  • Die-cast metal mid-range/MPD chamber module• Dual HiVe II ports – improved transient response and tighter bass, due to smoother air-flow• Pureflow silver-plated OFC copper internal cabling – highest quality transfer through the signal chain
  • High-quality crossovers utilizing premium grade, bespoke polypropylene film capacitors, air-core, and low-loss laminated steel-core inductors – maximum signal transfer and zero distortion• Rigid 18 mm MDF construction with smooth contoured vertical edges and contrasting sharp top profile
  • Unique cabinet bracing design derived from the Platinum II series• Soft touch top trim – giving a luxurious, premium quality furniture grade touch and appearance
  • Single-bolt-through driver technology – providing increased bracing strength, rigidity and driver/baffle de-coupling• Bespoke magnetic grilles – clean visual styling, virtually acoustically transparent
  • Custom-made, high-quality gold-plated bi-wire terminals
  • Terminal panel located at floor level for easy termination and neat cable access
  • Sturdy cast metal out-rigger feet with a spike or rubber foot for carpet or hard flooring – provides a more attractive appearance and takes up less floor space

System Format   3-way

Frequency Responce   30 Hz - 50 kHz

Sensivity   90 dbNominal

Impedance   4 Ohms

Maximum SPL   117 dBA

Power Handling   250 W

Recommended Amplifier Requirements   100 - 250 W

Bass Alignment   Bass Reflex

HiVe II port system

Crossover Frequency

L.F/ M.F: 650 Hz
M.F/ H.F: 3 kHz

Drive Unit Complement

2 x 8" RDT II long-throw bass driver
1 x 21/2" C-CAM mid-range driver
1 x MPD high-frequency transducer

Weight30.56 kg


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