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Pioneer PL-990 Turntable

Pioneer PL-990 fully automatic turntable. Featuring a low mass straight tone arm, Speed adjustment function with visual display. Plug record player into aux input with built in pre-amp. 

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€ 161.49

€ 169.99


This fully automatic stereo turntable features a low-mass straight tone arm, precise DC servo motor and built-in phono equaliser. Simply connect to any auxilliary/line input on our amplifier or mini system.

• Full automatic operation: To provide easy hands-off operation.
• Low-mass straight tone arm: Highly sensitive and resistant to resonance, track records better.
• Precision DC servo motor: Pioneer Stable Hanging otor ends spindle wobble for smoother and more accurate platter rotation.
• Universal-type cartridge connector.
• Phono EQ included.
• Dimensions (W X H x D): 420 x 100 x 342 mm.
• Weight: 2,65 kg.

  • Dimensions (W X H x D): 420 x 100 x 342 mm 
  • Weight: 2,65 kg
  • Line Level Output


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