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Sony TA-A1

Sony TA-A1 Integrated Hifi Amplifier with input Buffer, SEPP hi-current amp & BIAS Control. high resolution audio audio with DAC conversion to 24bit/192kHz.

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€ 2,384.10

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Sony TA-A1 Integrated Hifi Amplifier

High-Resolution Audio
High-Resolution Audio takes your digital music to another level. By converting analogue music to digital at a higher rate than CDs – 24-bit/192kHz, as opposed to the 16-bit/44.1kHz rate of CDs – High-Resolution Audio is able to deliver better than CD quality sound, so you can get closer to the original studio recording.

FET input buffer
The amplifier has been fitted with a FET input buffer and discrete circuit for the pre-amp. This reduces the effects of distortion while enhancing the sound quality of High-Resolution Audio.

Optimum gain volume control
We’ve combined the electronic volume with a discrete buffer amp – co-developed with Sony – to enhance the overall sound quality by reducing the gain error experienced by conventional amps.

Smart BIAS
The built-in smart BIAS system controls the amp’s BIAS based on the volume position. In doing so, the amp is able to utilise a field that experiences good transistor linearity without generating heat, so the sound quality always remains true.

Simplified power amp circuitry
By including fewer transistors and eliminating the emitter resistor and coil & capacitor needed in the amp’s final stage circuitry, we’ve reduced the distortion that affects the quality of your music. This means the amp can deliver a higher power output, so you can push up the volume and enjoy great, undistorted, High-Resolution Audio.

Make a secure connection
Poor component connections can have a significant impact on overall sound quality. The new screw-type terminals and deluxe quality shaved pin, 18mm pitch jack ensure a tight, secure fit between the amp and your components, reducing the chances of sound degradation.

Independent HP-AMP
To reflect the growing popularity of premium-quality headphones, this amp includes a specialised discrete amp with gain optimised to match headphone impedance.

Output (DIN):80W+80W
Power Requirement:230V

Speaker Impedance:4ohm-
Frequency Response:20Hz-100KHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:100dB

Input and Output Terminals:Analog Audio Input (5), Headphone Output, Speaker Output, IR Repeat In (1)


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