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Chord Company CrimsonPlus 2RCA to 2RCA

1M Award Winning 2RCA to 2RCA audio interconnect

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€ 53.99

€ 59.99


The new CrimsonPlus builds on the original Crimson’s performance but takes detail levels and dynamics to a new level, stereo image is improved and CrimsonPlus has an extremely neutral tonal characteristic. The improvements are significant and whether the cable is used to link a hi-fi or home cinema, the results are remarkably consistent. The improved shielding also makes CrimsonPlus ideal for longer runs and the cable is particularly impressive when used with subwoofers.


• Multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors.
• Pseudo-balanced twisted pair configuration, High frequency effective floating braid and foil shielding.
• Low density polyethylene conductor insulation, Vibration controlling outer jacket.
• Gold-plated Chord RCA plugs.


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