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Chord Company iChord Mini-Jack to Mini-Jack

1m Mini-Jack to Mini-Jack audio interconnect

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€ 69.99

The Chord iCHORD was developed in response to demand for a high quality interconnect to allow hi-fi enthusiasts to connect their portable players to their main systems. The twin internal conductors and the coaxial configuration are unique to the iCHORD cable and will carry WAV and MP3 signals equally well. The conductors are insulated with low-density polyethylene and the outer jacket is produced from a white PVC chosen for its strength and vibration damping properties.

Compared to the typically supplied minijack cable, connecting an MP3 player to a hi-fi system with a Chord iCHORD produces a dramatic improvement in overall sound quality. Music is richer, more dynamic and markedly more coherent and detailed.


• Specially developed for MP3 players.
• Multi-stranded oxygen free copper conductors.
• Low density polyethylene conductor insulation, Lightweight high flexibility shielding.
• High quality gold-plated stereo minijack connecters.


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