Fender Champion 50XL Guitar Amplifier Combo with Effects


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Fender Champion 50XL Guitar Amplifier Combo with Effects


Want an easy-to-use amp packed with incredible performance capabilities? The Fender Champion 50XL Combo Ltd Ed offers a wide variety of effects with ease of operation, ideal for achieving rock, jazz, metal, blues, and much more.

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€ 299.00

Black on black cosmetics provide a more aggressive look that make it stand out from the rest of the Champion series, perfect for adding an edgy vibe to a live setup.

Enjoy a range of 12 classic effects from delay and reverb to Vibratone, whilst four stompbox effects (compressor, overdrive, distortion and octaver) provide an incredibly flexible performance, offering a variety of sonic-possibilities.

Equipped with a Celestion 12'' Midnight 60 speaker, the Fender Champion 50XL delivers a rich, full tone with excellent projection.


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